Academic Genealogy

Multiphysics Research Group (MuRG) Doctoral Alumni Advised by Professor Ishwar K. Puri. (Based on Mathematics Genealogy Project. Please click here for a pdf version.)

Doctoral Alumni

1.     Ming-Hua Yang: “Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Counterflow Flamelet Behavior” 1994. First placement: GM Powertrain Group, Warren, Michigan.

2.     Ki-Yong Lee: “Flame Structure Studies Applied to Inhibition, Extinction, and Pollutant Formation,” 1995. Professor, Andong National University, Korea.

3.     Zhuang Shu: “A Numerical Investigation of Steady and Unsteady Methane-Air Partially-Premixed Flames,” 2001. (Co-advisor.) First placement: General Electric Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, Ohio.

4.     Pankaj Bajaj: “NOx Reduction in Partially Premixed Combustion,” 2002. Alstom Power, Zurich, Switzerland. (Co-advisor with Professor Dimos Poulikakos of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH-Z, Zurich; student was at ETH-Z.) Senior Engineer, Alstom, Basel, Switzerland.

5.     Xudong Xiao: “Optical Diagnostics for Partially Premixed Flames,” 2002. Researcher, Texas A&M University.

6.     Chun Wai Choi: “The behavior of partially premixed flames,” 2002. Senior Engineer, SunCoke Energy, Lisle, Illinois.

7.     Xiao Qin: “An investigation of unsteady partially premixed flames,” 2003. Senior Engineer, Cummins Engines, Columbus, Indiana.

8.     Ranjan Ganguly: “Ferrofluid Transport Analysis for Thermal, Biomedical and MEMS Applications,” 2005. Department Head, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

9.     Paolo Berta: “Numerical and experimental investigation of liquid fuel combustion in a counterflow configuration,” 2005. Engineering Consultant, Chicago.

10.  Andrew Lock: “Extinction of fuel and air stream diluted partially premixed flames for fire safety,” 2006. Engineer, U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

11.  Anindya Kanti De: “Microscale Transport Phenomena Modeled Using Lattice Boltzmann Methods,” 2008. Lead Engineer, GE Global Research, John F. Welch Technology Center, Bangalore, India.

12.  Soumik Banerjee: “Molecular Simulation of Nanoscale Transport Phenomena,” 2008. Assistant Professor, Washington State University.

13.  Sayangdev Naha: “Growth Model, Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures and Alteration of Surface Properties Using Them”, 2008. Senior Engineer, ADA Technologies, Littleton, Colorado.

14.  Ashok Sinha: “Characterizing Magnetic Particle Transport for Microfluid Applications,” 2008. Engineer, Dolomite Microfluidics, U.K.

15.  Giovanni Sansavini: “Network Modeling: Stochastic and Deterministic Approaches,” 2010 (Co-advisor with Professor Muhammad R. Hajj). Assistant Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Z).

16.  Ganesh Balasubramanian: “Modeling nanoscale transport phenomena: Implications for the continuum,” 2011. Assistant Professor, Iowa State University.

17.  Mehdi Ghommen: “Modeling and Analysis for Optimization of Unsteady Aeroelastic Systems,” 2011. (Co-advisor with Professor Muhammad R. Hajj.) Research Engineer, Schlumberger.

18.  Monrudee Liangruksa: “Nanoscale Thermal Transport for Biological and Physical Applications,” 2012. Research Scientist, National Nanotechnology Center (Nanotec), Klong Luang Pathumthani, Thailand.

19.  Suvojit Ghosh: “Self-Assembly of Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Tool for Building at the Nanoscale,” 2013. Executive Director, Computational Infrastructure Research Centre, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

20.  Ravi Kappiyoor: “Mechanical Properties of Elastomeric Proteins,” 2013. Computational Mechanics Engineer, Third Wave Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

21.  Souvik Pal: “Control of Nanoscale Thermal Transport for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion and Thermal Rectification,” 2013. Research Engineer, Computational Infrastructure Research Centre, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.milton, Ontario, Canada.

22.  Abdel Rahman Abdel Fattah: “Printing of Functional Materials,” 2016. Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.m

23.  Peiying Jennifer Tsai: “Tailoring Material Properties,” 2017. Postdoctoral Fellow, Computational Infrastructure Research Centre, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Postdoctoral Alumni

1. Dr. Suvojit Ghosh, “Data Centre Design,” 2014-2016. Return: Managing Director, Computing Infrastructure Research Centre, McMaster University.

2. Dr. Souvik Pal, “Thermal management of Data Centres,” 2014-2016. Return: Senior Research Engineer, Computing Infrastructure Research Centre, McMaster University.

3. Dr. Rakesh Sahu, “Ferrofluid inks for 3D additive printing and manufacturing,” 2016-2018.

4. Dr. Abdel Rahman Abdel Fattah, “Printing sensors and tissues with bioinks,” 2017-2018.

5. Dr. Ranjan Ganguly, “Mathematical Growth Models of Cancer Stem Cells,” 2004-2005. Return: Reader (Associate Professor), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.

6. Dr. Don J. Cha, “Radiation and Spectroscopic Measurements in Flamelets,” January-May, 1993. Return: NRC Post-doctoral Fellow, DOE Morgantown Energy Technology Center, Morgantown, WV. 

7. Dr. Achintya Mukhopadhyaya, “The Structure of Liquid-Fueled Flames; Stretch Effects of Flames; Optimization of Industrial Burners,” 2001-2003. Return: Reader (Associate Professor), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.

8. Dr. Dipankar Sanyal, “Combustion Sensors and Controls,” 2001-2002. Return: Reader (Associate Professor), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.

9. Dr. Swarnendu Sen, “Particulate Formation in Flames; Industrial Applications of Combustion Controls,” 2001-2002. Return: Reader (Associate Professor), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India.

10. Dr. Xiao Qin, “Combustion Sensors and Flame Synthesis,” 2003-2004. Return: Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

11. Dr. Chun Choi, “New Combustion Technologies,” 2003-2004. Return: Senior Researcher, Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, IL.

12. Dr. Jacques Bingue, “Radiation Effects on Flame Extinction,” 2004. Return: Senior Researcher, Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, IL. Return: Consultant and Entreprenuer, Chicago, IL.

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