What are international collaborative degrees

Read the slides of the presentation made to the Virginia Tech College of Engineering International Programs Faculty Panel Workshop on February 1, 2011. 

Link to slides.

What is magnetic fluid hyperthermia?

Professor Puri explains magnetic fluid hyperthermia to a hypothetical colleague, Dr. El.

What is mathematical biology?

Professor Puri explains mathematical biology to a hypothetical colleague, Dr. El.

Slides and Code: Thermochemical Energy Storage

Read the slides of the presentation made at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exposition in Vancouver, Canada on November 16, 2006 (Paper IMECE2010-39779). 

Complete results are contained in the paper: Balasubramanian, G., Ghommem, M., Hajj, M. R., Wong, W. P., Tomlin, J. A., and Puri, I. K., "Modeling of thermochemical energy storage by salt hydrates," International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 53:5700-5706 (2010).

Link to slides.

The Matlab code to generate the results in the paper: Balasubramanian et al. (2010) can also be downloaded.  By downloading the code, the user agrees to the terms of the agreement contained in the code.

Link to code.

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